Why Are Tolix Chairs So Popular?

Author: Robert Mazzega  Date Posted:24 January 2023 

Tolix Chairs

To many, the name "Tolix" evokes images of a classic cafe setting. With their iconic design and unmistakable style, Tolix chairs have become a staple in modern homes and businesses worldwide. But what is it about these chairs that have made them so popular? Let's take a closer look at why Tolix chairs are still so sought-after today. 

What are Tolix Chairs?

Tolix chairs and other Tolix designs that seat people are made of powder-coated steel for long-term durability. 

This chair's nickname comes from the "X" design that serves as a structure for the chair's seat. Its metal body may be painted bright yellow, red, or pastel turquoise — or it may be left in its natural silver tone — but its sturdy, curved legs and indented back are undeniably distinctive. As a result, your structure will be solid and stable.

The History of Tolix Chairs

Tolix chairs first came onto the scene in 1934 when French metalworker Xavier Pauchard created the Marais A chair. 

The classic Tolix chair was designed in 1956. It was intended to be used outside in all weather conditions, so holes in the seats allow rain to drain. However, after café owners complained that the chairs did not stack properly, Pauchard modified his design slightly. With its slimmer frame, 25 chairs could now be stacked to a height of 2.3 metres.

They quickly became popular, not only in cafés but also in factories, offices, and hospitals. Over time, these designs gradually became known as "Tolix" chairs after Xavier Pauchard's company – Ateliers Tolix – was renamed in 1947. This chair is still in demand today, with many replicas available in various colours. 

The Convenience of Tolix Chairs

The chair's presence in restaurants now is consistent with its historical use. The style has been visible in cafes and other public areas for nearly a century.

The metal chair was weatherproof, durable, and compact enough to fit in a small space. It was ideal for a wide range of applications, mainly seating large groups in factories, auditoriums, sidewalk cafés, and parks in French spa towns.

When modern restaurant owners discuss their reasons for purchasing Tolix-style chairs, they also emphasise their functionality. They're easy to use, stackable, and lightweight. They’re also effortless to maintain and clean.

The Versatility of Tolix Chairs 

One reason why these chairs remain so popular is their versatility. They can be used indoors or outdoors, providing a timeless look regardless of where they are placed. Additionally, they come in various colours, including classic black and white, and vibrant hues like green and orange – allowing you to customise your space to match any aesthetic preference. Furthermore, thanks to their lightweight design and stackability feature, they can easily be moved around or stored away when unused. 

The Durability of Tolix Chairs  

Another reason why Tolix chairs have endured is their durability and strength. Being powder coated for corrosion resistance, these chairs are built to last for years. If properly maintained with regular cleaning and occasional oiling (if necessary), there is no reason why your set shouldn’t last decades without showing much wear or tear at all.  


From cafes to interior designers to homeowners alike, one thing everyone can agree on is the timeless appeal of Tolix chairs. Thanks to their versatile design, vibrant colour options and remarkable durability, these chairs have become an iconic piece of furniture that will never go out of style. 

Whether looking for seating for your outdoor patio or something unique for your living room or restaurant, consider investing in a set of stylish yet functional Tolix chairs today. Shop with us today to see our Tolix designs!