Wall Mounted Vertical Garden Kit



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Wall Mounted Vertical Garden Kit  

These practical wall mounted gardens are perfect for homes and businesses alike. Our beautiful vertical gardens are perfect for small & large areas and are designed to perfectly attach to any wall or vertical surface easily creating a stunning focal point in any home. 
1 unit with 6 pots!

Each frame in the Vertical Garden has been designed so that it can easily click together to its neighbour in either a horizontal or vertical direction (or even a mix of both!). 
Each unit comes with 6 pots that can easily click into the sturdy frame and, like the frame itself, be oriented in a choice of directions. Each pot also contains a reservoir overflow system to enable efficient watering of your plants and herbs. 

Easy to install and maintain, the Vertical Garden is perfect for herbs, plants or flowers and is sure to liven up any space it occupies.
Perfect for herbs and flowers the Vertical Gardens have been designed to accommodate even the smallest of wall spaces around the home.
Simply attach the mounting frame to the wall, insert the pots and the rest is up to you. 

Panel size : 167(W)x25(D)x487mm(H)

Pot size: 152(W)x180(D)x118mm(H)


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